Merchant Services Agent Program

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Merchant Services Agent Selling Program


Lifetime Residuals

Once you sign up a merchant, you'll continue to benefit from that account for as long as they stay our customer. Once you've been an agent for a while, those lifetime residuals from each account can really add up.


Name Recognition

You can make the sale, but the merchant gets signed up with a recognizable company that is honest, reputable, and very highly rated. They can see reviews online to know they are being signed up with a great merchant services provider.


Customer Support

We have the highest standard for customer service, and any account you sign up will receive just that. Our dedicated support team will assist any customer when they have a problem they need help with or even a simple question.


Affordable Rates

Every business out there cares about their rates and fees. We offer extremely competitive pricing using the Interchange-Plus model to make your offer as appealing as possible to business owners.

Why agents choose us

Selling merchant services becomes easier when you are working for a very highly rated merchant services provider. We help you with everything you need to sell and be successful.

Added Benefits

  • Excellent Around The Clock Support
  • Affordable Rates
  • No Term Commitment
  • Lifetime Residuals


"I was so happy I found I got in contact with their team, and the whole process of getting started was very simple. We have a great relationship because I get them new deals in markets that they wouldn't have reached without me, and I can sell under the name of a highly rated processor. It's much more simple than registering as an ISO myself."

Phillip Rivenburg

"Getting lifetime residuals from accounts I sold has been great. I'm still making money off of merchants I signed up 4 years ago. The money has really added up in the long run."

Richard Gable

Merchant Services Agent Program

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